As a mum, I am only too aware of how fast children grow and change and how photographs are precious reminders of a time that passes so quickly.

Have you ever looked back at photographs of your children and wondered where the time has gone?

I look at pictures of my kids and am reminded of things I have nearly forgotten – such is the power of a photograph.

As a photographer, I understand and love the unpredictability of children and I aim to capture them in an honest and open way; playful, happy, reflective, cheeky or however the mood takes. I also love to introduce a seasonal element into the photographs, incorporating the colours of Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter into the images, depending on when the photographs are taken. By working outside on location this happens quite naturally and enhances the mood of the images, as well as placing them in the context of here and now.

Portrait photography Session for children – How a session works

Children are most relaxed when they can move and play, in a safe environment. They want to explore the environment and I want to do the same, finding backdrops against which to capture them. Going outdoors gives them energy and I love photographing them when they have that vibrancy about them.

At the same time as agreeing a date, and a time for the photoshoot, we also agree a place. It could be somewhere close to where you live, or a place that holds some significance for you. It could be as simple as starting at home and walking out of the door into the immediate environment, and taking photographs there.

The session itself is relaxed but purposeful and would usually take between two and three hours and involve a change of clothes. This could be as simple as taking a coat off, to show the clothes that are underneath, or bringing different jumpers, scarves or hats to put on. A combination of different clothes against different backdrops will give a nice range of photographic looks for you to choose from.

I will photograph all children together and then on their own at different points in the shoot. I will also include Mum and Dad if you would like more of a whole family shoot.


It will generally take up to a week to edit and prepare the photographs for a viewing.

The viewing will be very relaxed and can take place at a time and place convenient for us all. You will be able to look at and choose from the fully edited range of images.

A portrait photography session costs £145.00 and includes a £50.00 credit toward products of your choice.
Why do I charge a Session fee?

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